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Report Post. It has to do with how files are stored on disk, not anything to do with the actual transfer or copy of the files or move as you say. If you try to copy a file larger than 4GB to a FAT32 you're going to have problems corrupt, truncated, empty file -- depends on the OS and file system implementation. Regardless of Pathfinder or any other tool, you can't overcome the limits of the destination file system.

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It's like you have a 1 gallon bucket. No matter how big of a hose you use and how much pressure you move the water with, that bucket is only ever going to hold 1 gallon.

How to transfer files between two MacBook Pros using Thunderbolt 3

Look for the convert command in Windows. Maybe you can explain your setup a bit more and what you're trying to do. Then we might be able to give you some better options.

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I still don't get it: Why would you like to use such outdated a file format on mac. If i had fat32 I'd either toss it right away or format into mac compatible type.

Send and transfer large files - Dropbox

Everest, Just FYI FAT32 is Mac compatible Glad for you. I don't use it anywhere and never have to think how to copy large files over. May be it's time to stop clinging to the past. Thanks for info, though. I was simply trying to be helpful by offering more accurate information that you have so I don't at all appreciate your condescending tone. I could care less whether you use Fat32 or consider yourself superior to anyone who might understand that there are still uses for it.

Best of luck with that.

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Apologies if my answer to you seemed abrasive. Willy, there are times when splitting data files into two parts is very useful, not only for FAT32 Hard Drive storage, but also for uploading massive files in chunks, like via YouSendIt with a 2gb limit.

It breaks a large DMG file into several segments, which then recombine when they're all downloaded on the other side. If you're comfortable at the command line, you can use split to cut any file up into smaller chunks.

5 Ways to Transfer Files From Mac to Mac

I'm guessing you could use "type" on windows to do similar, but I've never tried. Enter your Mac user name and its password. After that you should be able to browse to files and folders saved on Mac from your Windows computer. You can copy files and folders from Mac to PC or the other way around. The data transfer should be blazing fast as it simply copies data in your local network. It is not only computers. In fact, mobile phones users can also make use of this file sharing on Mac to batch send files or transfer large files.

Best Android file transfer Mac apps (Catalina compatible)

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